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Storm Ciarán

Norfolk breaks are fickle and this place is the ficklest of them all. @sideshoredrift once perfectly summed up this break with these words "If I told you the truth about this wave and what it requires to happen you probably wouldn't believe me". It takes a very precise combination of swell, wind, tide and daylight to work. Today wasn't quite as precise but as I pulled up and saw white water breaking a couple of miles off on Holm Sands I instantly knew that is was pretty bloody close.

The cliff top was lined with the usual suspects. A few hoots, a couple of winces and the occasional "spit" was heard but no one suited up, let alone paddling out. As expected, there was a lot of water moving around and the sweep here is unforgiving. The distance between the groynes is pretty short and you barely have time to scratch out before the sweep drags you full on into the next groyne down. This is a fact the cliff top is all to aware of after an near drowning incident last winter when an experienced, competent surfer and fisherman did just that. He managed to free himself but was pretty shaken, his board looked like it had been through a cheese grater and had a 6ft to 12ft leash conversion. Someone needed to be the first in. @dominicstraker and @kris_rundell pulled the trigger with @hossmonkeyfloster close on their heels followed by a steady procession of likeminded frothers.

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