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Team Rider Alex - Storm Ciarán / Norfolk 02/11/23

East Coast Surf is a company born purely out of love for surfing. It started life in 2001 as an online forum; a place for the surfers of Norfolk and Suffolk to talk and share their experiences of surfing on the east coast.  Over time the following of the website began to grow, as did the number of surfers in the area. In 2005, owner Mark Southgate decided to take the plunge and open up a small shop in the beautiful Norwich Lanes.


Mark’s focus was all about providing the best surfing products available on the market, intentionally shunning the big named surf brands of the time to work with suppliers of genuine quality. Despite being twenty miles from the coast, East Coast Surf became the physical hub of the Norfolk surfing community. Rarely a day went past in the shop that you wouldn’t find a group of weather-beaten local surfers with mugs of tea, discussing swells past, present or future.


Unfortunately, the Norwich store had to close its doors in 2009. After a period of reflection Mark began to start re-building the company in it’s original form; online, eventually opening a new store in Cromer, the hub of the East Anglia surf scene.

The surfing landscape has changed over the last few years but East Coast Surf’s values remain the same, to support the surf community by providing the best quality surfing products that are available today. 

Happy waves !


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