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Futures Rasta Signature Series

Some surfer's don't live for the spotlight and slide under the radar, but when those surfers enter the water their presence becomes known and everyone stops what they are doing to watch in awe. Dave "Rasta" Rastovich is one of those special surfers. His iconic style will mesmerize anyone. Rasta steps back into the spotlight to re-release his signature series of fins; a twin + 1, keel, and a quad set . With the amount of torque Rasta puts into his fins we added more carbon to the twins and updated the foils for all the fins in the series. The twin + 1, keel, and quad all feature a vector foil, allowing for more drive and projection through turns. Rasta rides these fins from waist high fun beach-breaks to over-head point-breaks. " A good fin can totally make the difference between flying or falling."

The Rasta Quad, designed by Australian free surfing icon Dave Rastovich, is a versatile set that will suit almost any quad option board. The honeycomb/carbon construction combined with Futures’ V2-Foil on the front fins creates a looser feel, allowing for high-speed surfing and quick direction changes. The Carbon in the base of the fin provides additional stability, for peak performance in high speed situations.

The Rasta Twin +1 was developed to compliment Dave Rastovich’s classic surfing style. Similar in size to the T1, the Rasta Twin features Futures’ V2-Foil, allowing for smooth rail to rail transitions. The addition of Carbon Fiber to the honeycomb construction, maintains the fins integrity while allowing a responsive flex pattern. The upright design and Speed Generating foil will bring an added level of performance to any Twin + 1 board.

The Rasta Keel was designed by Australian free-surfing icon Dave Rastovich, as he developed his own refinements to the classic keel design. Incorporating a layer carbon to increase the stability of the base and leading edge. Rasta is known for riding alternative boards and this is his go-to fin for down the line speed in any twin fin that suits a keel fin.

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