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Matt Biolos talks ...Losts punk rock origins and what it means to shape for the best of the best

Via WSL / Dave Prodan

Influential Lost Surfboards shaper and San Clemente, CA local Matt Biolos shares stories from his long career working with some of the best surfers in history. He looks back at starting out working for Herbie Fletcher, the punk rock origins of Mayhem, keeping that outsider/anti-hero mentality, growing a full team of pros, evolving his business into the apparel space, and the eventual refocusing around shaping boards.

He talks about his time working with everyone from Nathan and Christian Fletcher and to Andy Irons and Cory Lopez to Kolohe Andino and Carissa Moore. Matt also explores the microscopic details that go into shaping boards for surfers competing at the very height of the sport, touches on the 25th anniversary of his film "5'5" 19 x ¼," describes the massive COVID surfing boom, and shares his thoughts on the Surf Ranch.

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