The Good Wax Co. Organic Surf Wax is all organic surf wax, made fresh in small batches from locally sourced ingredients at home in the North West of England. 


This stuff provides great grip, and is completely eco friendly and biodegradable. It's  non-soy based, and we donate 10% of profits to charities that help save sea turtles


Ditch the chemicals, and start making a difference with this all natural wax!

The Good Wax Co. Organic Surf Wax - Cold

  • COLD Temperature - 60ºF / 15ºC and below
  • Completely Eco-Friendly: All Natural, organic, Biodegradable, & non-toxic 
  • Provides excellent grip, even better than those chemical based competitors 
  • Wrappers hand stamped on recycled paper