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Improve your sessions with FinjakTool-Free

The FinjakTool-Free surfboard fin installation device replaces the metal plate and screw of your single fin longboard, midlength, 2+1 surfboard or SUP.

Effortless to install, remove, or adjust your fin in seconds, the FinjakTool-Free is the perfect fin bolt replacement that every longboard, midlength & retro board rider needs to enhance your sessions and dial your fin and surfboard perfectly to your taste.

Super quick fin positioning for your surfboard

Made of hi-strength Acetal resin a FinjakTool-Free is a 'one-piece, quick release clamp' that allows you to find the perfect sweet spot for harmonizing your board and fin setup while still in the water - in seconds!

The next generation replacement for fin bolt and screw systems which retrofits all of your tabbed surfboard fins. No more rusted bolts, lost plates - no screwdrivers or fin keys.... FinjakTool-Free is a quick-release system that simply slides into your finbox and 'clicks' shut making for hassle free fin adjustments in the water between waves.

FinjakTool-Free has been designed and made by Pelican Surfcraft. With over 30 years experience of designing and building boards for the variety of surf found on the Californian coast, you can rest assured the FinjakTool-Free has been tested in pretty much every type of wave, break and board that can be found on this extensive coastline.

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