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Modom was started in 2008 by surfers Jack Perry and Pauly Garrard. The boys were sick of the same old stuff being put out year-after-year in the accessories space, with no major thought about innovation or style. They wanted technical gear that looked good, pushed the envelope in terms of function, and had fresh design appeal.

Feeling like there was a big gap in this space, Jack drew up some initial tail pad designs and gave them to Pauly, who had a long history in product sourcing and development.

“I literally got a scrap piece of paper out and drew these terrible pictures, just to see what it would feel like underfoot.” Jack recalls about the initial run. “I gave Pauly some rough guidelines and he went to one of his factories that he works with and got them to produce a bunch of samples. The first ones we got were so bad. I was like ‘this sucks, I don’t know if this will ever work’, and then Pauly’s like, ‘no, no it’s cool, we’ll go back and improve it’. It was just back and forth and eventually we got some prototypes. We were like, ‘this is awesome, it’s really good under foot’.”

With some quality samples the next step was bringing in an experienced designer to make sure things were looking on point. Designer Xavier Davies joined the team and the trifecta to get things happening was complete.

Since then Modom have rolled out a bunch of different product lines, all designed to help people get more from their surfing experience. From the team-designed tail pads, to the Blackist technical boardshort, to the Shark Leash, the focus is always on innovation, modern thinking and progressive design. The question constantly being asked around the office is “will the best surfers in the world want to use this stuff?”

The Modom family continues to grow, working to create more designs to help you have fun in the surf. Their approach is summed up pretty well when you ask Jack about his vision for the brand –

“We eventually want to get to the point where we can do sales meetings once a year on boats in Indo or something like that, that’s the end goal. That’s how I pretty much gage every week at work, I’m like, ‘Pauly, can we go to the Mentawi’s yet?’ I guess we’re all passionate surfers and we want to keep that dream alive.”

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