Many surfers will by now know about 'Surfers ear' and the need to wear ear plugs to protect the inner ear when out surfing. But for those who don’t here’s a brief summary of the condition, cause and remedy: -

Surfers ear which is also known as 'exostoses' is a condition where the ear canal is narrowed by bone which slowly grows over time. The phenomena is the human body’s protective response to exposure to cold water and cold air. The bone grows in lumps, which in turn form bulges which can trap water. The result can be painful, cause recurring ear infections and worst of all result in significant hearing loss! However there are two remedies. One involves some nasty surgery after the condition is diagnosed, the other is preventative to stop the condition ever happening – use good quality surfers ear plugs. The latter option is a no-brainer and it’s where Northcore surfers ear plug protection can help.

Northcore Surfshields earplugs are designed to block out water while allowing in sound for optimised surfing balance, equilibrium and protection against surfers ear. Developed and manufactured in the EU. Northcore Surfshields use advanced acoustic filter technology centered within unique organic TPE earplugs which are designed to fit neatly into the ear’s auditory canal. Surfshields are 100% allergy-free soft washable material so are super comfortable, very effective and stay in the ear in most conditions when correctly inserted. The pack contains two sets of universal plugs to allow the user to find their perfect fit and an optional 60cm removable earplug leash and clip to prevent loss of the plugs should they become loose. The set comes in a re-usable mini hard case for convenient storage in between use.

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